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Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it! Have a blessed day, and stay safe today if you’re traveling. Enjoy the candy(;

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it! Have a blessed day, and stay safe today if you’re traveling. Enjoy the candy(;

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requested by anon

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Flyleaf+my 10 favorite pictures of them (requested by anon)

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Anonymous wrote:
make gifs of flyleafs acoustic thing from 2007 please

will do, im working on another photoset rn but that will come right after. any specific, like a specific vid from it?

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Yes. I am sorry (but also pleased) to tell you that you are just a walking sass. Onc e the sass starts it never stops!

FUCK YEAH totally just lost a follower from this reply their loss

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Anonymous wrote:
I heard the songs, "Bucket of Words," "Goodnight, Old Friend" and "Chaos", they were released? because I can not find it.



Bucket of Words is the original title to ‘Freedom’. Chaos is an old demo and it’s been said it will never be released. Goodnight, Old Friend is a B-Side not yet released and not much word on if it will ever be or not, probably not.

lmao your reply was so sassy! <3

are you serious for once i wasnt trying to be sassy but yaay its nice to know i dont even have to try anymore yeeah

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The most dazzling precious queue



no but thats what i use when i put my posts on queue and thats to let everyone know im not online and im not ignoring you if things are asked in my askbox

and im continuing using the becca tobin gifs to answer everything because shes flawless and so everyone ask questions and see the gif u get

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"As far as live catastrophes go, Flyleaf has experienced more than could be accurately catalogued. We’ve weathered a dozen mid-song power outages, at least fifty or so "my bass doesn’t work right now’s," headstocks to the face, headstocks to Lacey’s head, tripping Lacey, microphone failure, microphone knock-out-of-singer’s-handage, falling into the drum kit, Jared falling off the stage, stage diving and everyone moving so you fall on the ground, tripping yourself and others, Lacey walking off the front of the stage – accidentally - vomiting, pants ripping open and everyone can see your sweaty underwear on the jumbo-tron. Flyleaf’s touring career has been like a 3 Stooges blooper reel."

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